Being A Church Keyboardist at a Very Young Age of 10, I Reveal to You a Fast and Simple Approach on How To Play Praise And Worship Songs So That You Can…


Discover How You Can Play 20 of the Most Popular Worship Songs And Be Ready to Accompany the Choir And Play In PRAISE AND WORSHIP SERVICES

“Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ”

– Ephesians 4:12

Dear Friend,

Do you want to learn how to play Praise and Worship songs so you can accompany the Choir?

Do you want to be the Keyboardist of your Music Ministry and play piano during Prayer Services?

If your answer is Yes, I have some exciting news for you…

In this page, I will reveal to you a Step-by-Step Guide on how you can learn to play 20 of the Most Popular Worship Songs EVEN if you have Very Little or No Piano Experience At All!

Yes you read it right.

Kahit wala ka pang experience sa pagtugtog ng piano, the lessons that I will show you will take you from being a “Complete Beginner” to “Being Able to Accompany the Choir” in just a few weeks or months.

This approach is backed up by my years of experience of being a Church Keyboardist myself which started in the Children’s Choir back when I was 10 years old.

In My Several Years of Teaching Piano...

I OFTEN Hear People Say...

Every Christian has this Natural Feeling of Emptiness that can only be filled with Joy when singing Praise and Worship Songs to the Lord

If you feel this way, know that you’re just one click away from finding the best solution to your problem. Read the entire page and you’ll find out…

You are reading this page for a reason… You are being called to Step Up and help the Choir / Music Ministry to sing Worship Songs more Lively and more Solemnly

Two or more soldiers are better than one. Kapag wala ang church organist, it’s always better to have a backup organist and that could be YOU. Continue reading and I’ll show you how.

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hi! I'm Eric Reyes.

I learned piano when I was 6 yrs old and started accompanying our Children's Choir since I was 10 yrs old..."

For the past couple of years, it has been mission to help aspiring pianists to learn piano through the piano course I created for beginners called the Piano Chord Magic (PCM) Course.

This piano course has helped more than a thousand aspiring pianists to learn piano Fast and Easy EVEN without a “real” piano teacher beside them.

Here Are Some Of My Happy Students

My first thought was that it’s impossible to learn online with no teacher to spot the mistakes and to correct at once. But when I tried the lessons, I felt I was learning!! PCM Course magic is indeed working!




The lessons are simple and easy to understand. Thank you for creating the PCM Course. You’re a really great teacher! I have tried watching different tutorials on Youtube the PCM Course is by far the easiest to learn. More power to you Eric!



Registered Nurse

I was absolutely happy and very excited especially when I played the “Let It Be” Song. I already memorized the chords as they are very simple. I heard my husband humming which he seldom does. He always pretend that he doesn’t appreciate my music.

I did not regret enrolling in the PCM Course and I highly recommend it to my friends and family!



CEO, Acme Industries

Some More Videos of My Grateful Students Playing Piano

Melody - Choir Soloist

Here’s her video playing Amazing Grace after only 2 weeks of enrolling in the PCM Course

Rudy - 74 yr old Retiree

Rudy is a complete beginner. Here’s his video after 3 weeks of enrolling in the PCM Course.


As the years go by, I noticed that most of my students want to learn piano to be able to 

Play For The Church And Be Part Of The Music Ministry.

It was for this cause that I decided to create a new set of lessons dedicated to:

Helping Filipinos Become Equipped In The Service Of The Lord Through Playing WORSHIP PIANO MUSIC.

If you want to play Worship Songs on the piano/keyboard so you can:

WORSHIP PIANO FOR PINOYS (WPP) is the Best Choice You've Got!

Your First Step To Learning Worship Songs

WORSHIP PIANO FOR PINOYS (WPP) is the new set of video lessons I created to help you fulfill your deep desire to Praise and Serve the Lord through playing Worship Piano Music.

It is a collection of 20 of the Most Popular Worship Songs that you can readily play in the Church Choir or Praise and Worship Services.

Here is the List of Songs that You Can Play in WPP


Here are the Amazing Benefits you can achieve from having WPP:

The lessons are straight to the point (wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa). Para kang may piano teacher sa tabi mo, telling you exactly what you need to do, what keys to press, how to practice each line, etc.

The songs are arranged in a way that church keyboardists usually play them. Pwede mo na agad siyang tugtugin sa choir/music ministry as soon as you learn them. All the choir has to do is to sing-along while you’re playing the keyboard.

Even if you’re just a beginner, the sound quality of the songs will make you sound like a PRO. After they listened to your playing, baka isipin pa nila na dati ka nang marunong mag piano 🙂

One of the Best Feelings I’ve had is when I am playing worship songs on the piano while singing. It’s like you’re singing your prayers to the Lord. It feels more solemn and there is so much positive emotions that makes you feel really good!

If You Grab WORSHIP PIANO FOR PINOYS Today, You'll Also Get These 3 Amazing Bonuses



Basic Piano Chord Lessons

I wanted to make sure that you will be able to follow along with the Song Tutorials even if you are a Complete Beginner or has very little experience in playing piano.

This Basic Piano Chord Lessons will lay down the foundations of how you can play piano using chords. 

(Php 1,500 Value)



Finger Exercises for Beginners

Discover the 10 basic finger exercises that will help you develop finger strength, speed, stability, and evenness in fingers. It contains video demonstrations of each exercises to show you exactly how to do them.

Matigas na daliri?” No need to worry! This finger exercises will do wonders for you.

(Php 999 Value)



Worship Song Chords & Lyrics

This eBook has all the chords and lyrics of the 20 worship songs.

You can download and print these PDF guides to make your practice sessions easier and convenient.

(Php 399 Value)


Let me ask you…

Are you willing to learn piano and use it to Praise and Worship the Lord?

Are you willing to go through the Song Tutorials – like practicing 3 days a week – and take the first step to become part of the music ministry as a church keyboarist?

If your answer is YES, then Worship Piano for Pinoys is definitely for you.

You’ll get to experience this different kind of Joy that you will only feel when singing Praise and Worship Songs to the Lord.

You’ll get to show your church mates that you too have what it takes to be the Church Keyboardist of the Choir / Music Ministry.

This is what you can potentially gain by adding WPP into your life.

Now if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking… 

"Okay Eric, I now see how WPP can help me, but how much is it?"

If you’re going to add everything inside the WPP package…

WPP Main: Video Tutorials of the 20 Most Popular Worship Songs (Php 3,000 Value)

Bonus #1: Basic Piano Chord Lessons (PHP 1,500 Value)

Bonus #2: Finger Exercises for Beginners (Php 999 Value)

Bonus #3: Worship Song Chords & Lyrics (Php 399 Value)

… you’ll have to pay atleast P5,898. 

But being a Church Keyboardist myself who would be happy to share the Joy of being able to play Worship Songs, I won’t make you pay this much.

You’ won’t have to payP5,898. You won’t even have to pay HALF of that. Or even P2,000.




Fulfill Your Deep Desire to Play Praise & Worship Songs

Get Instant Access to Worship Piano For Pinoys and the 3 Bonuses As Soon As You Pay

Once you click the button, you’ll be redirected to a secure payment checkout.

You’ll be asked to fill-in your email address and pay via Paypal.

If you don’t have a Paypal/Credit Card, you have 3 other options to send payment.

Step 1: Deposit/Transfer your payment to the BDO account below
BDO Savings Acct#: 0022-8016-9505
Account Name: Eric Joseph Reyes
BDO Branch: Nueno Ave., Imus City

Step 2: Send Me Your Proof Of Payment
Send proof of deposit to ericreyes@teachyourselfpiano101.com

Step 3. You will receive confirmation email and instructions to access the WPP materials

Step 1: Remit your payment using the following details below
Receiver’s Name: Eric Joseph Reyes
Contact Number: 0917-881-0829
Address: Bacoor City

Step 2: Send Me Your Proof Of Payment
Send proof of deposit to ericreyes@teachyourselfpiano101.com

Step 3. You will receive confirmation email and instructions to access the WPP materials

Step 1: Send your GCASH payment to the number below
GCASH Number: 0917-881-0829
Receiver’s Name: Eric Joseph Reyes

Step 2: Send Me Your Proof Of Payment
Send screenshot of GCASH transaction to ericreyes@teachyourselfpiano101.com

Step 3. You will receive confirmation email and instructions to access the WPP materials

After payment is confirmed, you will get Worship Piano for Pinoys (and all 3 bonuses) within seconds!

You won’t have to wait and pay for shipping. Worship Piano for Pinoys (and all its bonuses) will be sent to your email address. You’ll have instant access to the video tutorials, finger exercises, song chords and lyrics and the chord cheat sheet.

To make this the easiest decision of your life…

You’re Protected by my 30-day Money Back Guarantee!


And because I’m only interested in helping you have that beautiful experience of being able to play worship songs… I offer a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if WPP failed to work for you. Simply ask for a refund and I will give you 100% of your money back. No hard feelings.

I Want To Give You A Challenge.

If WPP and its bonuses DO NOT live up to your expectations, then I demand you to ask for a refund. I don’t want your money if you will not get any value from the WPP lessons.

That’s how much I believe in the WPP lessons I created.

Does that sound fair?

If you think it is, then click on the button below.

Worship Piano for Pinoys and FREE BONUSES Are Yours


You Have Three Options Right Now

After everything you’ve read and seen, you probably have 3 options right now:

Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are…

… which probably means, learning to play worship piano songs is not really your thing. You might think that playing worship songs will NOT bring you joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Option #2: Do It Yourself

You try to learn worship piano songs on your own. You master the different piano chords, figure out the rhythms and techniques on how to play them… If you choose this, there’s no guarantee for success.

You’ll probably get frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed with a lot of things and finally give up in the end when you’re not getting any progress.

Option #3: Get Worship Piano for Pinoys

Play the 20 Most Popular Worship Songs using a fast, easy, and efficient WPP approach.

Be ready to play for the music ministry and accompany the choir at the soonest possible time.

Life Changing. Affordable. Risk Free.
What More Can You Ask For?


No. These are Video Lessons and eBooks that you can immediately download after purchasing.

Yes the lessons are created in a simple and straight forward way so you can follow along even if you’re a beginner.

Also if you’re a beginner, the Basic Piano Chord Lessons and Finger Exercises will be very helpful for you. You will get them FREE as part of the bonuses.

A Big YES! I’ve always told my students that, “It’s never too late to learn piano”.  I’ve had several students in their 70s (even 80s) who started as a complete beginner and learned piano through my lessons. 

Check out this video of Rudy (74 yr old complete beginner) to give you some inspiration.

You have 3 other options to send your payment:
– BDO Bank Deposit / Online Transfer
– Remittance (Palawan Express, Cebuana, LBC, ML Kwarta, etc)

You may click here for more details.

  • People who find great pleasure in praising the Lord through Worship Songs
  • People who want to learn how to play Praise and Worship Songs on the piano
  • People who want to serve the Lord by being part of the Music Ministry
  • People who are willing to Step Up and take the greater responsibility of being a Church Keyboardist/Organist
  • People who believe that Praise and Worship Services would be more Solemn, Lively, Sincere, and Passionate through singing Worship Songs

“Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ”

– Ephesians 4:12

To sum it up, Worship Piano For Pinoys is all about the above Bible Verse…

The Decision is Yours My Friend. I hope you Accept Your Calling...




Fulfill Your Deep Desire to Play Praise & Worship Songs