worship piano for pinoys

Helping Filipinos learn piano and fulfill the deep desire to serve the Lord through playing Worship Piano Music

Fulfill Your Dream

Fulfill your dream to play Worship Piano in the service of the Church

Accompany the choir

Help your Music Ministry by becoming the New Keyboardist

Feel Great Joy

Experience Joy and Satisfaction in playing Worship Piano Music

Why Choose Worship Piano for Pinoys?

If you want to learn to play Worship Songs even if you’re just a beginner or even if you have no prior experience in playing piano, “Worship Piano for Pinoys” is for you.

WPP currently has a collection of step-by-step tutorials for 20 of the Most Popular Worship Songs made for Beginners. 

Each song is divided into different mini-tutorials so that you can learn each part one at a time and prevent you from getting overwhelmed with a lot of stuff.

Eric Reyes

I learned piano when I was 6 yrs old and started accompanying our Children’s Choir since I was 10 yrs old.

For the past couple of years, it has been my mission to help aspiring pianists to learn piano so I created a piano course for beginners which I call the Piano Chord Magic (PCM) Course.

As the years go by, I noticed that most of my students want to learn piano to be able to play for the Church and be part of the Music Ministry

It was for this cause that I decided to create a new set of lessons dedicated to helping Filipinos become equipped in the Service of the Lord through playing Worship Piano Music.

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